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Arne Kaul, born in 1965, has been interested in tv and movie dubbing for more than 45 years and is focussed on this field since 1988. Starting in 1991, the results of his collecting and editing efforts are included in an independent database.

In 1994 he turned his passion into his profession: Arne Kaul set up his own business, ArKa-Soft, and since then has been successful in selling the most extensive database of German voice over line-ups.

Working on his own and with extreme effort he keeps collecting and archiving new information. Updated databases including the most recent movie cast are offered for sale every six months.

By now there are two versions of the dubbing database: The stand-alone version for workstations including line-ups of more than 45,000 movies, and 5,700 tv series is still being sold by ArKa-Soft to dubbing studios, film distributors and broadcasting companies. Apart from that, since January 2004 an online version covering a small excerpt of the data stock is available online. It currently includes more than 10,500 movies dubbed between 1930 and 1991 providing information about the corresponding number of actors and voice-over cast.

Arne's work has also been referred to in sectoral publications:

Hastings Newsletter, October 1999

"Cinechart", journal published by the ProSiebenSAT1-Media AG, December 2001


ArKa-Soft Arne Kaul
Arne Kaul
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Phone: +49 2307 944262
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e-mail: ArKaul@arka-soft.de


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